My Coney Island Queen.

I met Lana Del Rey during the winter of 2011. Okay, so I didn’t actually meet her per say, but I discovered her; during a really low point of my life. I discovered an artist that I did not think could actually exist. An artist with such raw talent; so diverse, with an endless amount of depth to her soul and music; managed to, in so many different ways, help me through my own struggles.


I cannot recall at what point I fell in love with her music; it did quite literally ‘hit me and felt like a kiss.’ All of her songs display such a variety of countless emotions; telling me a beautiful but real story. Lana Del Rey can express her timeless experiences with strength and passion, creating it into the form of song. MINDBLOWING. At first I never really “understood” Del Rey. I was trying to figure out what her “thing” was. Songs about love lost, others of hopelessness and a good old party. An odd mix some may say, but god damn it works. Through continually listening to her music,Β really listening, I finally understood who she is. These mysterious songs that people criticize are her life.

Now, most people have described her music as “depressing”, which to me says that they have never actually listened to her music. Have you ever listened to ‘National Anthem’? Or let your hair down and let ‘West Coast’ take over your body?Β  I have never once found her music in any form, depressing. If anything I have found her music to be uplifting, a sign of hope, for those that maybe have lost their own way. Her music is a saviour. Every time I sit back, place my headphones in my eager ears, turn the volume up on full blast to Lana Del Rey; I’m gone. I am no longer apart of this world. I have been taken somewhere else. Del Rey’s music will take you places you did not think was possible. She has given us a one way ticket to her world; I’m more than happy to stay.


After the ‘Paradise Edition’ was released and Del Rey announced her potential departure from the music industry, I thought I was going to hurl myself into a deep river, never to see daylight again. I was angry; hurt even. I felt like I was losing a friend, a friend I have never met (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous). I did not want to lose this special artist; this creative genius from my life. How many times could I play ‘Born to Die’ over and over again? I am greedy and I want more.

In my mind, I was set on the horrid idea that I would never come across someone like her, ever again. Why? Del Rey has this vibrant creative energy, we can all hear that. Not only does she have involvement of the writing of her songs, but she helps and creates the actual music. INSANE. So much time and effort goes into her songs, and I don’t think people recognise that. So I apologize, it is hard for me not to worship the ground that she walks on.

The release of both ‘Ultraviolence’ and ‘Honeymoon’ blew my mind. I listened, whether I was sat on a train, walking to work or by myself at home, with my mouth wide open. She did it again, I would say. She continues to create such exquisite music with her story. Del Rey is riding the nonstop train of a true musical artist and I never her want to get off.


I mentioned that I was greedy for more Del Rey songs/albums. I am forever internet scrolling, trying to source out the latest details, feeding my addiction. So when I heard that Del Rey was back in the studio, writing and planning for her new album; I could have cried.

Lana Del Rey is an artist that is not to be messed with.

So go drag your butt to your laptop, get some Lana Del Rey blaring at full volume and just listen. Listen to her story, go a bit deeper into the lyrics; explore every single piece of this beautifulness.

She is an inspiring free spirit; who will go nowhere but the top. What with her mysterious, dreamlike songs. She will sing and write whatever the hell she damn well wants.

I am truly thankful for that.




4 thoughts on “My Coney Island Queen.

  1. She certainly is a free spirit. There is just something indescribably beautiful about her voice and her lyrics. She paints a melodious picture of an era long gone, an era of boys who looked like James Dean and beauty queens. I may not be able relate to her songs on a personal basis, but I certainly appreciate them. Her voice is pure magic, it reminds me of honey and smoke and beauty. My favourite Del Rey song currently is Religion(Honeymoon). What’s yours?


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