Gillian Flynn

It began in London. Hauling my personal belongings (and things I probably did not need to bring) through the bustle of everyday London. Oh boy, it was hot, so damn hot. Guess what? No water. Stupid.

There was a mission. Something of very high importance which had been left to the very last-minute. Something that I would never have failed to forget; always packed and ready to go. Decided weeks prior.

Though this year I had not even battered an eyelid in regards to it. You’re probably wondering, “oh gosh, I wonder what it could be.” Well, hold your breath Ladies and Gentlemen…

No holiday book.

Disaster. Who forgets to plan their holiday book? Besides finding the cute summer outfits for the holiday, the book is slightly more important!

So, imagine me dodging in and out of the tourists, the commuters on a very hot summers day, carrying a ridiculous amount of belongings; all for a book. The best part? I had no idea what I was going to get.

I was running out of time.

I dived into Waterstones on Piccadilly Circus. I had made it but I still had to make the decision on what book would be a part of me for a week; hoping to God I would enjoy it. I had no a clue where I wanted to start!

Now, if you have been to Waterstones on Piccadilly Circus, then you will know that is it MASSIVE. You are literally in book heaven, difficult to escape when you have found the perfect place on earth. Where the hell do I begin!?

Did I want a contemporary fiction? Or YA? Science fiction that would take me to another world? A crime thriller that would keep me on edge for the next week? Or some beautiful romance that would make my heart fill with joy and love? I just could not make that important decision and the clock was ticking.

tick tick tick

I made the call. I headed straight to the most popular releases. There it was.

Gone Girl.

I had heard about it (a lot) and did not see what the fuss was about. Evidently, I had not put much thought into reading it anytime soon. But time was running out, I couldn’t spend the whole  of my afternoon picking a book. I was staring at it, it was staring at me.

So, as I took Gone Girl to the counter, handing over my money (reluctantly doing so might I add), I did not think, for even a second that this book would become one of my favorite and most treasured books of all time.




I’ll be honest, my eyes did not glance over the pages of Gone Girl for at least a day after I arrived. There was just too much excitement!

Finally, on that faithful rainy afternoon (I know, raining in Rome in the beginning of July, like what even..?), relaxing in our hotel room before we made our way to dinner; I opened the book bringing myself to the first page.

At first, it was more of a case of “forcing” myself to read the book because I had nothing else. I have this rule that if I start a book, no matter how much I am not enjoying it, I have to give it a chance.

Which is what I did. It was slow, to begin with, and my interest in the story wasn’t great. I definitely did not feel blown away. At the start, it just seemed like your average, run of a mill thriller.

The husband is a dick to the wife, the wife is sad and writes about it blah blah blah.

Though, throughout the first part of section I wanted to hurt Nick Dunne, like, what asshole. Amy Dunne’s diary made it more painful (and made me dislike Nick more), the depth of her love for her asshole of a husband, her misery, and confusion. I pitied her more than anything, I wanted her to leave Nick and live a happier content life elsewhere. I wanted to run up to her and shake her by the shoulders, screaming leave him! You are worth more than this!

Slowly the story started to become more interesting. It had earned my attention. Amy had disappeared, presumed dead and everyone was pointing their fingers at Nick. In my mind, I thought, rightly so. I wanted him to be punished for what he had done to his wife. All the evidence pointed to him. Nick did not love nor care for his wife, cheating on her with an 18-year-old college student (he was her teacher), abusing his wife with neglection and fists. Basically, not giving two shits about her. Amy’s diary entries proved that.

I thought I knew what was going to happen next. The story would drag out the investigation and the search for “Amazing Amy”, Nick Dunne would continue to deny killing his wife, abusing her and perhaps walk away from this horrid nightmare.

That’s when the tables turned.

Amy is alive.  A set up is what you might call it. A devious plan to destroy her unfaithful, lazy and uninterested husband. Faking her own disappearance and possible murder in order to get back at her Nick. Well, what can I say?

I really did not see that one coming. My money was on Nick. No doubts what so ever. Then here we are, the whole story has been flipped upside down. I’m not sure who to like and who to dislike because apparently, everyone is a bit of an asshole in this book.

From that point on I was hooked on the book like an intoxicating drug. I was obsessed. I began to forget I was even in Rome. The book became my companion, my best friend. I could not put this book down. The first thing I would do when I woke up? Gone Girl. Sat in the metro waiting to get into the center of Rome? Gone Girl. Any chance I got to read and bury myself inside its pages, I would be.

Needless to say, Gone Girl has become one of my favorite books. I have never encountered a book filled so many different surprises and left my heart pounding through every chapter.

Since reading it, I have gone on to read Sharp Objects and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Again, truly breathtaking. Gillian Flynn is a fantastic writer. She knows how to captivate her readers and submerge them into the pages. You lose track of time when reading her books and become a part of the story.

I wait patiently for the next thriller by my beloved Gillian Flynn, I am sitting on the edge of my seat. Though it may take a while for the next one to come out, god damn it’s going to be a good one.







One thought on “Gillian Flynn

  1. I agree with every single part of this review. I read it before I knew how popular it was and it blew my mind. That unexpected bliss when you find an amazing book when you didn’t expect it.


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