Internet Famous by Danika Stone. (Review)


In this post, I will be reviewing the perfect Danika Stone’s Internet Famous published by Swoon Reads!



What a truly fantastic read it was!

How did I come across this little beauty? Well, I was very lucky to win the giveaway competition Danika had organized on her Twitter! @Danika_Stone (Please check her out!)

I received a signed copy of the book with other lovely gifts. I felt truly spoilt.  (hehe)


Let’s get to the important stuff!! What is Internet Famous all about? Well I shall tell you. (Minus the spoilers, I’m nice like that).

Meet the  internet sensation Madison Nakama!  But please, call her Madi. She’s cool has her own blog and it’s doing amazingly. She has THOUSANDS of followers and they adore her. It is going pretty perfectly for her. Who could not blame her for being so chuffed and proud of herself? I sure am!

What’s more, a Madlibber (a Madi fan btw) is totally flirting with her online and he is HOT. What more could an 18-year-old girl ask for?! It is all going so well. Oh hold on a second. A troll. Not the fairytale creatures that hide under bridges and eat you. But close enough. You’ve guessed it an internet troll! Along side this is the overwhelming pressure of college and making those very important life choices! And so the drama unfolds …

I loved this book, I really enjoyed reading it. Danika tells parts of the story in the format of texting, emails, Madi’s blog and snapchat. LOVING IT.  It would have been so easy to just write it out in normal paragraphs and dialogue. The fact that Danika decided to create the online elements as part of the book were interesting.  I was able to catch a glimpse into Madi’s life. Making me feel apart of her world. The reading experience became really special for me! I really did feel that I was with Madi every step of the way, throughout all her struggles. Normally I would not have chosen a book in this kind of format. In fact, I don’t think I have ever read a book quite like this. It was refreshing to read a book in a different way!

I rooted for Madi throughout the entire story. She is a likable character and more importantly, believable. She can be a bit awkward, shy and stubborn – but aren’t all 18-year-olds?! All of her friends are online (excluding her little sister) and that’s cool. Some of the best people you will ever meet are online! I went through a stage when I was younger where I only preferred talking to people online. So this quality made Madi so relatable. Some people just find it easier talking to online. It made me feel that Danika is telling us that it’s okay to have friends that are online and maybe you haven’t met them. There is nothing wrong with you!

Reading the messages that the evil troll sends to Madi made me so furious! Bullying is just a big no-no. Naturally, the trolling escalates and we read how the lovely Madi attempts to deal with the inexcusable harassment. You will be guessing who the troll is till the very end!


I started this book yesterday and finished it a few hours ago. That is how much I enjoyed the book! It was bloody fantastic if I do say so myself. Danika’s writing style is just so perfect and it was easy to read. She developed the narrative at a good pace, nothing felt rushed or unbelievable. I will definitely read more of Danika Stone’s books, without a shadow of a doubt!

You all need to go read this book! I implore you. Internet Famous is available to buy now – so go, go GO! Happy Reading!


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