Despite having quite a crap-ish week there was one thing that made me super happy – The Red Queen Tour! I had my tickets booked all the way back in July and it felt like forever till I would be in the presence of the mighty Victoria Aveyard. Before I knew it the day finally arrived!

I traveled all the way to Waterstones’ London Piccadilly Thursday afternoon. A massive ball of excitement I was, completely buzzing.  I queued and I waited. Then finally, *cue dramatic slow-mo* the doors opened and we all took our seats.

I think what made this experience even more memorable was there were three other amazing authors present, two of which I have heard of. It felt like a complete bonus to my shitty week!


Red Queen, Glass Sword & King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard.

The main event and my love! I adore these books. Victoria has an addictive writing style having hooked me within the first few pages. I read Red Queen while I was on holiday in Munich back in 2015 and fell in love. Needless to say, I knew from then on that I would follow this series to the very end.

The story is set in a dystopian world where the world is divided by those who have red blood and silver blood. The reds are forced to live in squalor and serve the silvers. Whereas the silvers have superhuman powers and rule over the reds. Mare Barrow is our main protagonist. She is bad-ass (always love a bad-ass female) fairly stubborn at times but is very much determined not to let her life or others be controlled by the silvers.

Victoria Aveyard is COOL. Without sounding too weird I couldn’t, for the life of me, stop staring her. Here I am sat 3rd from the front, listening to this amazing author talk about one of my favorite dystopian series.  An author that I have a lot of respect for as a writer and forever voicing her political opinions; she is one of the many that have inspired me to pursue my dream; to write my own YA dystopian. You could tell that she has SO much passion for her work and rightly so. They are her babies.

After the talk ended I waited, which seemed like forever so I could have my King’s Cage book signed. I wish I could have brought Red Queen and Glass Sword but honestly, I didn’t want to carry everything through London. One was more than enough to satisfy me! When I finally approach Victoria I immediately freaked out! Realizing that this was my first time EVER having a book signed and meeting an author I adore. So what did I do after she asked me how I was? “OMG, OMG, OMG!!” I exclaimed one too many times. Yes, yes I managed to look like a crazy person in front of her. Standard. But she was lovely and let me have a selfie with her. WHAT A BABE.

She is currently working on the 4th book in the series and I honestly cannot wait any longer! (But I will)


Ink by Alice Broadway

One thing I have definitely learned at my second bookish event is, DO NOT BE ASHAMED if you’ve not heard or even read the author’s book(s). By golly, you will walk away knowing them and wanting to read their work! This happened to me when seeing Alice Broadway for the first time! Let me begin by saying what a hilarious woman she is. Cracking all the jokes and she is definitely not obsessed with death! (inside joke there hehe)

Ink is set in a world where all the experiences of a person, whether good or bad are tattooed onto that person’s skin. When her father dies Leora decides she wants she wants her father to be remembered forever. His tattoos are removed and made into a skin book (hmm interesting) but upon reading, Leora discovers that the tattoos have been edited. Her father not seeming to be the person she thought he was.

Okay, you’ve already sold me. 100% into that whole concept and I want to know more. TAKE MY MONEY NOW.



The Graces by Laure Eve

*sigh* What a pretty book cover. Unfortunately, I still have not read The Graces… yet AND I REALLY, REALLY WANT TOO. There are always so many books that I want to read, I tend to get a bit lost with it all. But after walking away from this bookish event I know that I will definitely be buying this book.

The Graces are a family that are supposedly witches, everyone in the small town knows it and now ‘River’ wants to find out more.

There are supposedly many twists and turns in this book which I’m totally up for. It fact, I live for the twists and turns in books. Can I just mention how uber cool and cute Laure is?! Omg, total girl crush here. *blushes*



Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

I adore this book. I have yet to read Traitor to the Throne but I am working on it! Alwyn hosted the talk, her first ever! And what an amazing job she did! If she was nervous, I really could not tell. When I found out that Alwyn would be at the event I squealed with joy! I really enjoyed the first book and have heard so many great things about the next, and what with the 3rd being released I better crack on!

Alwyn was the second author that I met and had my book signed. SHE WAS SO LOVELY. After meeting Victoria I wanted to be a bit more chilled, but I was still so nervous!! I’m quite a talkative person but I couldn’t think of a single thing to say, other than “I love your book!” But she just started chatting away to me, asking me what kind of work I did, even recommending me a book to read, The Truth About Forever which I have added to my good reads! She was perfect and hopefully one day I will meet her again having read all her books so we can have a good old natter.

Amani is the star of the show in this series and she can’t wait to leave Dustwalk, her dead-end home town. But.. a stranger, mysterious and oh so handsome wanders into town, everything changes for our Amani. The adventure begins!



It was the perfect evening and I am so happy that I got to experience this! Have you read any of these books? Met any authors where you totally freaked out!? Leave me a comment!


R x


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