ARC: Tree Dreams by Kristin Kaye – review


While browsing NetGalley, I stumbled upon ‘Tree Dreams’, after being captivated by the mysterious cover and plot description, I knew that I had to request a copy.

I received this in EBook form via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Tree Dreams
Expected publication date: 10th April 2018 by SparkPress

When seventeen-year-old Jade Reynolds witnesses a violent clash between a protesting tree sitter and a local logger, she is forced to flee the California town she grew up in. Jade runs as far as she can from the battles that plague her home and from the mysteries of the redwood forest, but the ancient redwoods are embedded in her psyche—she feels their call even in the dark and forgotten back alleys of Portland, Oregon where she’s hiding out. She soon becomes entangled with a lovable misfit and a band of radical slackers, environmentalists, and anarchists, and finds herself living 100 feet high in the canopy of a redwood grove, trying to decide whose side she’s on: the logging community she’s known her entire life or the environmentalists who are risking their lives for the future of the forest. When choosing sides only makes matters worse, Jade turns to the ancient trees themselves—and the thread-thin web that connects us all.

Kristin Kaye has a very distinctive writing style feeling otherworldly – it felt that her words were transporting me to a magical forest. The concept of the book intrigued me. The idea of being able to communicate with trees and to ‘listen’ to them was interesting; though at times a tad bewildering. There was a good pace to the story; which was steady and consisted throughout. The story flowed beautifully.

From the very beginning, the action, quite literally, kicks off. I felt very much thrown into the narrative. Though I enjoyed this, I would have preferred more build up leading to this particular event, giving me a clearer picture of the world I was in.

Jade is an interesting character. I rooted for her during the entire story. She is a brave and courageous young woman, I admired her strength most of all. After witnessing an unforgettable incident, Jade decides that she is no longer safe in her hometown, escaping immediately from danger.

At times I found her difficult to relate to and struggled to find a connection to her. But I enjoyed reading about her love for nature, these particular qualities made her unique from any other character I have read before.

Romance is present in the story but is not a major theme, which I am thankful for. I detested the use of “yummy Justin” which was used several times ultimately making me cringe. Every time.

The conflict between the loggers and the ‘tree huggers’ was interesting and intense. We take nature for granted; cutting trees down daily for our own benefits while destroying many forests. My eyes were opened to the destruction the world is currently in. I praise how Kristin Kaye was able to put this point across. I would have enjoyed more conflict between the loggers and tree huggers just to develop a bit more suspense which I felt lacked at times.

I liked this book, I thought it was special and had a charming writing style which hooked me. There were a few negatives that I found but it did not ruin the overall feel of the story for me. I would definitely recommend that you seek this book out!

Expected Publication date 10th April 2018 by SparkPress. Go follow the magical Kristin Kaye on Twitter, @KristinKaye and @GoSparkPress





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