Our big adventure around the USA.

In less than a few days (hopefully, the weather doesn’t mess things up) Tom and I will embark on a 2-month adventure around the USA. We are super excited and itching to get ourselves over there!

In total, we will be travelling to 12 states via Greyhound buses, internal flights and, super exciting for Tom, driving! We will be staying in hostels, motels, and hotels so I am sure we will have a lot of stories to tell!

If you would like to see our complete itinerary – scroll down!




1st March – 5th March – NEW YORK

5th March – 8th March – WASHINGTON D.C.

8th March – 11th March – CHICAGO

11th March – 13th March – NASHVILLE

13th March – 15th March – MONTGOMERY

15th March – 19th March – NEW ORLEANS

19th March – 21st March – DALLAS

21st March – 24th March – COLORADO SPRINGS

24th March – 30th March – THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS

30th March – 3rd April – BRYCE CANYON

3rd April – 7th April – LAS VEGAS

7th April – 11th April – SACRAMENTO

11th April – 14th April – YOSEMITE

14th April – 19th April – SAN FRANCISCO

19th April – 24th April – SANTA BARBARA

24th April – 5th May – LOS ANGELES


I will post as much as I can so we can share our adventure with you all! I hope you enjoy seeing what we are up too and see you in a few months!






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