February Wrap Up

montly wrap up

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had a good reading month! I have surprised myself with reading 7 books in total this month and on top of planning to go to the US for two months. I am quite impressed with myself.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a monthly wrap picture of my books as I have only read one physical book!

So at the end of last month, I finally bought myself a tablet so I wouldn’t have to carry loads of books with me while I’m away. I also found the confidence to sign up for NetGalley to expand my reviewing and become more consistent. I have reviewed some good books and some bad books this month – but it has definitely been a good month for reading!


This month I read…

Tree Dreams by Kristin Kaye

Hunger by Michael Grant

Servant of Memory by Richard Gradner

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu

Suicide Club by Rachel Heng

The Initiation by Chris Babu


My favourite read of this month is The Hazel Wood! I adore the main character, Alice. I thought she was perfect and really interesting to read. Screw what the haters say about her, she’s a well-written character and deserves more!  Hunger also really surprised me. I wasn’t blown away by the first book Gone, so I was reluctant to read the second book but OMG it was so much better than the first. The character development was a lot better and I felt more connected to the characters. I will most definitely be continuing this series!

My least favourite was Servant of Memory. I was asked to read and review this book by an author on Goodreads, and I like to keep an open mind to books, especially when it is something I would not normally read. I really struggled throughout, coming close DNF’ing a few times. I didn’t review this book on my blog because I felt I would completely destroy the book and I didn’t want to be too mean. (!)

I definitely forgot to read more classics this month! D’oh.

How was your February reading? Beat any goals or made some new ones?




2 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

  1. Haha I’m totally with you on Alice! I understand why people wouldn’t like her, but for them to hate her AS A CHARACTER, I’m just like, “Isn’t that the whole point…?” Anyway yeah, I think she’s very interesting. 🙂


  2. Aww I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Ace of Shades & A Thousand Perfect Notes much! I’m so excited for both of these books, but I’m definitely going into them with lowered expectations now.

    I hope you have a great July! 🙂 Lovely post ❤


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