Washington D.C.

5th March – 8th March

I can positively say I was nervous about using the Greyhound bus to Washington. I had heard some horror stories so I was a bit skeptical, especially as we would be on there for over 4 hours from New York. Thankfully we got on the bus first as we had booked our tickets way in advance, (would recommend!) and so we could sit next to each other. This was our first of 4 Greyhound buses and the others are so much longer. Tom slept most of the way and I, because I am smart, downloaded Netflix shows onto my tablet and binged watch a load of different shows.

We arrived in Washington D.C. late, we had a Pret dinner (lol) and made the 30 min walk to where we would be staying – a hostel, in dorms! Tom’s worst nightmare, but it was cheap. On arrival we were given a tour around the place, but being weary from travelling, neither of us paid much attention. As we sat on my bottom bunk opposite some guy trying to sleep and another one next to me reading, we looked at each other as if to say “what the hell have we done?!”. In hindsight the hostel was a lot better than I thought it would be and so I may have slightly overreacted!

Washington D.C was a lot more chilled out than I expected it to be. There weren’t as many people around and it certainly wasn’t as noisy. It was calmer than NYC which we appreciated. We only had two full days here so we wanted to try to do as much as possible. After free breakfast pancakes at the hostel (chocolate chip, plain or banana) we agreed our first stop would have to be the White House. Thankfully everything in D.C. is within walking distance and it only took about 20 mins or so.

We then decided to the head over to the Washington Monument where we were hoping to get a better view. Wrong. It was surrounded by diggers doing, I-don’t-know-what. It was still pretty impressive.

The Lincoln Memorial was our next stop. We walked back over National Mall and because it was a bit of a walk we decided to sit down and chill. Let me say that English squirrels will run at the mean sight of you. American squirrels are a lot more approachable. So bear that in mind. After we sat down, with the White House as a backdrop, this little guy (or girl – no squirrel expert) came over to us looking for food. IT WAS THE CUTEST. At one point it looked like it might jump on our laps, which was enough to make Tom get up and make a run for it (“vicious little shits!”)

The Lincoln Memorial was definitely my highlight and worth the walk too.

We then headed over to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which was beautiful and overlooked the Tidal Basin (a lake).

When we made it back to the hostel we sat down at the computers opposite a lady who must have been listening to us bicker. She said we were “adorable” and offered us some beers. She had some interesting stories, one of which involved three guys she was staying with in another hostel who get arrested on their first night in Washington D.C. by the Secret Service!
We ended our day in search of food, not ready to fully commit to the hostel life. After walking around for ages we came across an great little Italian restaurant where the food is cooked to order in front of you.
Our second and last full day was a lazy one. I was still not fully over my cold and we both beginning to get a bit tired of getting up early every morning and walking everywhere.

We took it easy for most of the morning and in the afternoon decided to head over to the Holocaust Museum past National Mall.

As you can imagine it’s pretty intense but so important. I’m really glad we went even though we waited 2 hours before we could actually get in.

We both really loved D.C. It was calm and relaxing and we both felt we could take our time seeing and doing things where as NYC felt like a constant rush.

Where did we stay? We stayed at Duo Housing hostel which is centrally located. We didn’t have to get the subway anywhere and everything is within walking distance, so you can save yourself a couple of bucks! The hostel itself was surprisingly good. I had never slept in dorms before so I was wary but we both had sleeping masks and ear plugs. I slept so well – better than at the hotel in NYC. Tom however, complained at regular intervals. It was weird to begin with, surrounded by strangers and sharing the same space but after the first night I think we settled in and went with the flow. Plus they make free pancakes every morning for breakfast. Bonus.


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