11/03/18 – 13/03/18
Greyhound buses are really quite something. You will definitely meet some interesting people – they may start conversations which you don’t want to happen. You’ll then have to nod your head, maintain eye contact and pretend you have a clue what’s going on. Others may stare at you constantly and mutter incoherently making you wish you could disappear. I’d recommend to having a good book and a playlist to keep you occupied!
The bus itself isn’t as terrible as we originally imagined it. You’ll be lucky if you have enough leg space, forget about traytables – they no longer exist – and dont get me started on the toilets. What matters is you will definitely get from A to B and you will see some amazing views that you wouldn’t see on a train or plane. Plus its cheap.
However, when you’re on a greyhound for 11+ hours there is no simple way to put this -it sucks. Chicago to Nashville was one hell of trip. We made it, dumped on the outskirts carrying all our belongings in a city we have never been before. As you can tell from reading this we made it to the hotel in one piece – we’re doing alright.

We only had one full day in Nashville so we wanted to make the most it, get up early and see as much as we could.
Unfortunately this did not go plan – Tom decided to have a lie in and we didn’t leave the hotel till after 11am. I’ll forgive him.
It’s a pretty funky place. I’m sure there is more to it but what we saw of Nashville was cool. We boarded the shuttle from the hotel that dropped us off downtown. We followed the sound of country music which led us to the downtown strip. I have never seen anything like it. Rows and rows of bars, filled with people drinking, nodding their heads and slapping their knees to rhythm of the music. Every bar had a band playing inside.
Before we got the beers in – we were in dire need of food. Tom already had a place in mind – Martin’s BBQ Joint. Sometimes when you are in another country it takes a while for it to hit you. As soon as I heard the accents, Southern accents that drawl ever so slightly, I took a step back and really thought about how far we had travelled in such a short time.

I had the Southern fried chicken burger with fries – I wanted to keep it light and simple. Tom had a rack of ribs with a side of colesaw AND Mac ‘n’ Cheese. He’s becoming a proper American. I had never seen someone look so lovingly at a plate of food.

After Tom had stuffed his face (I may have helped him with the Mac ‘n’ Cheese) it was onwards to the bars. There are so many to chose from, we were spoiled for choice. But we could both agree that we had to go to bar that not only had live music but rooftop seating. We ended up in a place called Tootsie’s. Three floors jam packed, with locals and tourists drinking a range of different beers, being entertained by numerous country musicians. We headed to the top floor and ordered two beers ($6 each) and listened to a guy sing about his love, or Tennessee’s love, for whisky.

We were so tired after our long trip the day before and with another early Greyhound the next morning, we decided to call it a day. After picking up provisions from a local supermarket we walked back as the shuttle never turned up…

I have to mention my really delicious dinner. Overjoyed that there was a microwave in our room we decided to do another DIY dinner. I brought a frozen Mac ‘n’ Cheese readymeal. I can honestly say hand on heart, it was disgusting. But what did I expect for $2.99?

I really liked Nashville – it had a great vibe and it was exciting place to be. Though I will admit that I’m glad our time was short as it really is the sort place you come to just drink a ton of beer or whiskey (maybe both – if you can handle it?!) While enjoying the country music.

Where did we stay? The Downtown Quality Inn. The bed was so comfy and huge it was like we had seperate beds (partly the reason why Tom slept for so long).Our room, unfortunately, was placed right by the infamous guitar-shaped swimming pool, so we had the pleasure of hearing screaming kids right up till 10pm. The hotel wasn’t too far from downtown so we didn’t really need to get the shuttle into town but sometimes it’s nice to be lazy.
Would we stay again? Yes, definitely. We loved the bed.

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