Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

As mentioned in the title this post will contain lots of spoilers from the second season of Jessica Jones. If you haven’t watched it or even finished it, please avoid this post. Or if you don’t give a damn – carry on reading.
This post will contain my rambles about season 2 of Jessica Jones including pros, cons and what I’m looking forward too next season!

Jessica is still the same badass as ever but just as vulnerable and
fragile. Nevertheless the perfect anti-hero.

Ah Jessica, my cinnamon-whiskey-drinking-bun. How I’ve missed your anger issues and your excessive drinking.


While I’m glad that this season chose to develop Jessica’s backstory in terms of how she received her powers, it is obviously traumatizing for her. Jessica must acknowledge the losses in her life – as well as dealing with aftermath of Killgrave.

Jessica still struggles to accept that she is a hero. In reality she would rather be left alone, be a P.I. and drink in peace. Like always she can’t escape the fact that she has superhuman powers. I imagine it was difficult being around the other Defenders, who have somewhat embraced their abilities.

But while Jessica has now killed 3 people in total (one being the result of Killgrave), she struggles to manage her anger and does not perceive herself as a murderer. Towards the end of Season 2 I think Jessica realises that she can be that hero.

I love Jessica and Malcolm’s working relationship with one another, though I wish she’d cut him some slack! He cares about his work and Jessica and more than anything he wants to help her – she just can’t seem to let him in. Not to mention the amount of times she has fired him.
He wakes her up in the morning, making sure she’s okay. She really doesn’t get that she had the perfect friend beside her.
Towards the end of season 2, Malcolm has clearly had enough of Jessica, specifically the way she treats him. He decides to get his own back and join forces with rival P.I., Pryce Cheng. As much as it broke my heart to see Malcolm leave Jessica I can only reflect on how poorly she treated him. I’m hoping that their relationship is resolved next season!
Okay, so Jessica and her new boy, Oscar. I saw this coming. I mean seriously who couldn’t? We all know how this is going to play out *wink*. I eyerolled because it was so obvious. Surprisingly it played out differently than I imagined. Oscar detests her for the first couple of episodes, even threatening to evict her.

They’re hot together – please throw a bucket of ice cold water on me. I guess, in a way, he understands Jessica and grows to care for her. Honestly, I’m hoping it doesn’t last too long because I ship Jessica and Luke Cage – HARD.

The plot twist of this season is that Jessica’s mum is still alive. Alisa was experimented on by Karl Malcus of IGH, like Jessica. Alisa has super strength like her daughter but a worse temper.

Did not see that one coming.


I didn’t like her mother, I thought she was weird and manipulative. We also find out that Alisa killed a past boyfriend of Jessica’s, albeit he was a complete douche bag, but it was so horrible to watch. Yes, I cried.


Though I would have preferred for Jessica’s mother to be sent to ‘the raft’, Trish shoots her in the head believing Jessica could not do “the right thing”. Jessica is left shocked and mortified. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Trish killing Jessica’s mother.

Trish pesters Jessica into the investigation of IGH, reluctant to do so as it means remembering her dead family.Β  I was on the fence over Trish’s intentions. Let’s be honest, ‘Trish Talk’ isn’t great and doesn’t deal with the real issues of the world, especially when her fancy new boyfriend is a top notch journalist.
Part of me is on Trish’s side – like come on Jessica, why don’t you give a damn about what happened to you?! And then another part of me is saying back off Trish, leave her alone!!
Slightly off topic for a moment, the fancy English journalist Griffin, what happened to him? In episode ‘AKA The Octopus’ after he and Trish did the naughty, she leaves the room and he makes a secret phone call! He was acting all creepy and sly, not wanting Trish to find out. I’m hoping in the next season its explained as I’m intrigued!!!
Okay back to Trish. Her character this season has really developed. It’s no secret that she has had a history of substance abuse. Episode 7 – ‘AKA I Want Your Cray Cray’ is a flashback of Jessica’s past alongside Trish. We see how the radio talker first hit rock bottom. Plus that god awful song, I mean, come on how did Trish think that was good?
Trish Walker – ‘I Want Your Cray Cray.’
More importantly I loved that this season explored Jessica and Trish’s relationship with one another. You get to see how close their bond is as sisters and love for one another.


Trish is clearly jealous of Jessica’s abilities. My opinion of her changed when she began using Simpson’s inhaler to give her an extra “boost”. It made her crazy.

I was all for Trish and Malcolm (their sex scene was πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ») but after she knocked him out, tied him up, put him the trunk of a car AND THEN threatened to shoot him, just so Karl could experiment on her, I was so done.



At the end of the last episode, Trish visits Jessica with the hope that she can save their relationship. Jessica can’t stand to look at her, so it remains to be seen if their relationship can be fixed.

The season ends with Trish leaving Jessica’s apartment showing some killer reflexes. Suggesting that perhaps the surgery Karl performed on her, in fact did work and she might have superpowers.


Fingers crossed for season 3 that Jessica is able to make amends with Trish and Malcolm, as she doesn’t have many friends left. Praying for another appearance from Luke Cage!

Though I haven’t mentioned Hogarth at all in this post, I’m hoping to see more of her next season, as her story was more interesting this season!

My rating: 8/10


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