19/03/18 – 21/03/18
I’m fed up of Greyhound buses. I’m done with my back hurting, no toilet roll, no sanitiser for my hands and having to hover over the loo because it’s too grimy to sit on the seat. New Orleans to Dallas was our longest ride at 12 & 1/2 hours. When we booked it months it ago I kept reassuring Tom that it would be fine, time would pass by quickly and we’d be there in no time. Actually doing it was completely different.
Fortunately I never have to do a Greyhound ever again. I’m just being whiney but I do recommend it as travelling this way is much cheaper than hiring a car.
Once again I booked a hotel that was a bit far out of the city. Neither of us could be bothered to navigate the subway, so an Uber it was. We arrived at the hotel just before midnight, dragging our belongings. We were checked in by a man called Lee – the most eccentric guy in Dallas. In physical appearance he looked like Doc from Back to the Future, pure white hair.

He was great, after he started talking we forgot how exhausted we were. Without asking we learned a fair bit about him. He was into antiques and anthropology and has travelled from Colorado Springs to New York on Greyhound. He asked if we were hungry and offered us all the bananas and ‘potato chips’ that we could carry. He couldn’t have been any more welcoming.
The following morning we decided to take a gentle walk into the heart of Dallas.
Though we both agreed that there wasn’t that much to do in Dallas there are a few things worth mentioning.
For some bizarre and unknown reason there was a giant eyeball displayed downtown. Thinking about it now it’s probably similar to the giant bean in Chicago.

After a fantastic lunch we decided to wander to the JFK memorial approached where he was assassinated. Before we made it we were distracted by a herd of bulls and cowboys riding horses. Luckily they were just statues. It was here that we were approached by a woman who needed our help to take a picture of her nephew’s “travelling Stan” riding one of the bulls. So random.

We finally made it to the JFK memorial. Tom described it as “shit” (a common phrase during our travels) and that “the man deserved better.”

Further on from the memorial is the road where JFK was shot. Two different X’s are marked on the road indicating the points of impact. People were wandering into the road to get photos taken which is so dumb it hurts.

By this point we both had enough and had seen as much possible. We began the long walk back our hotel ready for our flight to Colorado Springs the next day.
In all honesty we shouldn’t have gone to Dallas. A man sat next to Tom on our flight the following day said if we wanted to visit Texas we should have gone to Fort Worth. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t exciting either. Hey ho, lesson learned.

Where did we stay? Great Western Hotel. It was far out of the downtown area but the subway is a 20 minute walk away. Or just use the legs that God gave you and walk! The hotel was great. Massive bed and super cozy. The breakfast was incredible! You could make your own waffles, which I unfortunately did not attempt as I would have made a complete mess.
Would we stay again? Yes. Just so we could hang out and chat with Lee.

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