Colorado Springs

21/03/18 – 24/03/18
Mountains. I could see the beautiful mountains in the far distance and my excitement rose. I have looked forward to every place booked on this trip but there are a few that I have looked forward to more because of the scenery, and Colorado makes that list. For about 2 weeks we would be taking ourselves out of the big cities and the constant bustle to a more relaxed location.

Approaching the motel our Uber driver was quick to inform us that we were staying in a dodgy area and that we should most certainly check out the next morning if we didn’t like it. Our reaction? Laughter. Though we both appreciated the concern we weren’t going to check out.
Honestly it wasn’t that bad, their were some weirdos mumbling incoherently but we’ve become accustomed to that.

We decided for our first evening here we would be super naughty, indulge ever so slightly – we went to Dominos. Everyone who has ever had a Dominos pizza understands when I say you have shame making the purchase and deep regret afterwards. It’s always super cheesy, the dough is sugary and makes you want to down a gallon of water when you’ve finished. It tastes somewhat artificial.
Our Dominos tasted like an actual authentic Italian pizza. We were both shocked and utterally disappointed. Where was the disgusting pizza that we craved? Apparently it was back in the UK.

Tom made the smart decision of getting a car for thenext day. Clearly I hadn’t planned enough as the two sites we wanted to visit were about a six hour walk…

This was Tom’s first ever time driving a car in a different country – he was nervous and admittedly, so was I.
After a few “what am I doing?!”, ” where am I going?”, and “can I turn here??”, we were on our way.
If you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs then you need to go to the Garden of Gods. Surrounded by desert, rocks of all shapes and sizes and great trails to go walking, you won’t find anything quite like it. The weather drastically changed by the time we reached the location and it was beginning to feel like summer.

Stupidly I had my coat with me so I had to do the classic ‘wrap it round my waist’ which Tom was mortified by.

The views were incredible, such a change from tall skyscrapers and hooting cars. I took a moment to take it all in – to listen to the silence that surrounded us. It was pure bliss. Unfortunately, children can be spotted here, so when you think you’ve found a peaceful spot an oncoming rampage of children comes at you and the moment has gone.

The following day we decided to take the car out further and venture up our first mountain, Pikes Peak. This was the mountain that we could see from our motel and so we were eager to get up there. Unfortunately due to weather conditions we weren’t allowed to drive all the way up – much to our disappointment. However, as we travelled further up in our Ford Focus it became clearer why we couldn’t go all the way.

As you drive up the winding roads, marvelling at the picturesque scenery, you notice that there are no barriers between the road and the cliff. My hands began to get clammy and I felt slightly nauseous. I could just about manage a glance out of the window for a few seconds but leaving the car? No, absolutely not. The car was safe and that’s where I would stay. Tom however was more than happy to hop out of the car whenever possible to take photos.

We loved Colorado and did not want to leave. Thankfully we wouldn’t have too as our next stop was Estes Park, Colorado.

Where did we stay? Stagecoach Motel. We had a fairly large room, two double beds so we didn’t have to sleep next to one another if we wanted. Thumbs up for the microwave and fridge, we could save a bit of money on food which is always handy. The woman who owns the place was lovely and really helpful, Tom fell in love with her dog Annie, which I naturally avoided.

Would we stay here again? Yes! We definitely agree that our Uber driver may have over exaggerated on he neighbourhood. It wasn’t that bad at all!

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