Panguitch/Bryce Canyon

30/3/18 – 03/04/18
Operation 9 hour drive to Panguitch, Utah from Colorado was our mission. Did Tom look forward to it? No, of course not. I managed to “convince” him prior to the trip that it would be a breeze. The roads were pretty straightforward and the views were incredible – watching the snowy mountains change into desert and canyons.

(It was during this wonderful drive I smashed my phone screen – not a boring drive at all!)
Unlike Estes Park, Panguitch was boring. Unfortunately we decided to spend our first full day chilling in the motel and wandering around the town (which took less than a hour). One long stretch of road with a few shops, restaurants and not forgetting our favourite store, Family Dollar. After completing a lap we hurried back to the motel to seek refuge.

The following day we jumped into the car, speeding away from Panguitch with Bryce Canyon on our mind. As mentioned before the scenery driving into Utah was breathtaking and it did not disappoint on our drive.

The entrance fee for a car into Bryce Canyon costs $30 for a 7 day pass. We only had 2 full days to explore so we intended to make the most it! The first day started with Tom complaining that he couldn’t participate in any exploration without a coffee… Thank the heavens there was coffee available. Once Tom was caffeinated we drove to as many points in the parks as we could and took lots of photos. The views were out of this world – I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

The second day was a massive fail on my part. We drove to the convenience store in the park where a viewpoint was located nearby. Knowing full well that Tom did not want to go for a hike, I managed to be sly in getting him to do one.
“We’ll just go over here for some photos.”
“Oh look, a little trail! Let’s see where it goes.”

I think Tom cottoned on what was happening about 20 minutes into our 3 hour walk. I explained that we would loop round and be back by the car before we knew it. We happily walked on, gazing at the beautiful scenery under the hot sun when it finally hit me – I need water.
I didn’t want to admit I was wrong and shouldn’t have come without water, so I kept my mouth shut. That did not last for long. I complained the whole way back, writing my will in my head.
My new look to cope with the scorching heat.
Grudgingly we carried on, up and down the many pathways under the baking sun. We passed several people along the way, I thought about running off with their water or buying it off them (I had $50 on me).
We survived! Sunburnt and somewhat dehydrated we made it to the water fountain. I learned that one should definitely take water on a long walk – always.
While planning this trip I contacted a friend from college, who had recently travelled around the US, asking for recommendations – Bryce Canyon was one of them. Thank you Emily! If it wasn’t for you we would have never basked in its glory.

Where did we stay? Blue Pine Motel. Your very basic motel but it has everything we needed – even a coffee maker! Bonus – right in the middle of this nowhere town.
Would we stay there again? If I was I ever going to Bryce Canyon, yes I definitely would. However, I never need to visit Panguitch again – ever.


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