Las Vegas

03/04/18 – 07/04/18

I’ve never been remotely interested in venturing into the craziness that is Las Vegas, but while planning this trip it felt as if we couldn’t skip it, we couldn’t say “nah we didn’t bother”. So we did bother. It indeed was a mixture of weird and crazy.

After driving through the desert we drew nearer to the city limits and from a distance I could make out the striking Stratosphere Tower that would be our home for the next few days. Not many people can say that they have seen their hotel from 10 miles away.

Once we were checked into our room it was time to see Vegas. We managed to walk in the complete wrong direction for nearly half an hour before we were on the right route. We trekked pass the numerous casinos scattered along the roadside, watching people get sucked inside to lose their money.
Waddling towards the strip after stuffing our faces at Panda Express we found ourselves in crazy town. By this point the sun was beginning to set and so the neon lights were flashing from all directions. If people weren’t heading into the dark depths of the casinos they were wandering around the strip with various different drinks of all shapes and sizes.

We did take the time to explore the hotels and casinos. Treasure Island is quite self explanatory!

Treasure Island

The Venetian was incredible. The ceiling had been painted to resemble the daytime sky and there were canals where you could hitch a ride with a gondola if you were willing to part with nearly $40 each for a 20 minute ride!

The Venetian.
Paris Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas: roam around inside the quaint streets and buy a pastry or two!

Did we gamble? No. The lack of fridge or even microwave that we had found ourselves accustomed to was non existent. Vegas took our money in a different way – feeding ourselves.
Plus watching people fade away at the slot machines, chain smoking and drinking just wasn’t appealing.
As bizarre as Vegas I’m glad we stopped off here.

This Whiskey cost me $17. I savoured every last drop.

Where did we stay? The Stratosphere Casino Hotel. Check in sucked. We waited about 20 mins before we spoke to someone and the 4 staff members they had were as slow as snails. No fridge in room which was such a bummer – no homemade sandwiches for lunch! We also found a blood stain on a pillow…

Enjoyed the pool upstairs but beware it’s so pricey to buy drinks and food. The casino, and all the others we went too, reeked of smoke!

Completely alien to us now but I guess it’s to be expected.

Would we stay here again? Lol, I wouldn’t even go back to Vegas.