Sacramento, California

07/04/18 – 11/04/18

Dallas had been incredibly disappointing so naturally, I was nervous about Sacramento. I did not want to get the same regret that I felt about going to Dallas. We arrived at a very quiet airport. It was so quiet I thought Tom and I were the only people inside. It turns out that the quiet airport was a reflection on the rest of the city.

Dropped off outside our hostel we stood gazing at this beautiful Victorian styled mansion. “Are we staying here?!” Tom asked me. I grinned ear to ear because I felt that I had done well. I had.

Once settled in we took ourselves to dinner and ended up in an “Irish” themed pub – laughable. The food was below average and our waitress thought putting on an English accent would be hilarious, it was confusing. Tom learned that one should never order “fish and chips” in America. Just please don’t bother. We made the short walk back to our grand hostel where we noticed a park filled with homeless people. It was the same across from our hostel. People were camped out in front of the City Hall ready for the long night ahead – thankfully it wasn’t too cold out. Little did we realize that for our remaining time in California we’d be seeing this too often.

As mentioned, I was worried that the Sacramento was going to be super dull. Well, I was right about one thing – it was very quiet but I didn’t hate it. In fact, I found Sacramento to be beautiful. There were trees everywhere, all different kinds lined up along the pavement. In the main park, they had labels on the different trees that explained where they were from. Of course, I would wander away from Tom to check out the different kinds.

We headed several times during our stay to the ‘Old Town’ which had been made to resemble the old West.  It was like stepping into the past (except for all the cars and modern day shops..) During one particular visit, we found a cafe to rest in where we could sip coffee while watching the world go by. Unfortunately (and I still laugh over this) a woman, who we can only assume was homeless, asked Tom if she could drink a bit of his coffee. Tom being the great guy that he gave her all his coffee – honestly, why would he want back afterwards?! I sat there gobsmacked.


It seems that this was the only “touristy” attraction that was worth visiting here. So most of our time was spent wandering the streets, sat in the park reading our books or hanging out in our new favourite coffee shop, Temple Coffee Roasters.

Soy Iced Latte – AMAZING.

It was getting to the point, for both of us, where we were becoming extremely tired moving from place to place seeing as many things as we could. Aimless wandering around was a-okay with me.

If you ever find yourself in the area, definitely check out Coin-Op Game Room. Filled with loads of classic and new arcade games which will keep you busy until closing time, not to forget the cheap drinks. I indulged in a few gin cocktails which were out of this world.



Where did we stay? Hi Hostel Sacramento. Absolutely loved this hostel. It is definitely one of my favorites. We had our private room and the bathroom was quite close to our room so that was no biggie. The kitchen was massive as well so we could avoid other people cooking if we wanted too. Oh, the breakfast – it was a great spread.

Would we stay here again? Yes I would but I doubt I am ever going to Sacramento again.


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