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‘Paul McNeive lost his legs in a fire aged 20 and this life-changing experience and what happened to him on his road to recovery inform his debut novel, The Manhattan Project. In a highly successful career, Paul was the managing director of Savills, Ireland, and is now a motivational speaker, a writer for the Irish Independent and was the world’s first double amputee helicopter pilot. Paul is an ambassador for the Douglas Bader Foundation and on the board of Ireland’s National Rehabilitation Hospital. He also enjoys another life as a singer-songwriter.’ – Black & White Publishing





The Manhattan Project
Published May 10th 2018 by Black & White Publishing


Highly accomplished thriller perfect for fans of international sensation I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

New York City is under attack. Millions may die. But the enemy’s weapons are invisible, undetectable and creating terror at lightning speed. Now, there’s nothing to stand in their way …

A Hiroshima survivor turned criminal mastermind
Pharma industry fat cats corrupted by big money
A Libyan fast food entrepreneur coerced by threats to his family
A New York cop falling fast for an elusive beauty
Visitors to Tokyo from the desolate villages of southern Afghanistan

One terrible desire connects them all – one man’s burning need to finally avenge those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With a brilliantly audacious and devastating plot to bring America to its knees, can anyone save New York from disaster?


Looking for a gripping and seductive thriller, leaving you unable to put the book down? Well, thank heavens you came across this post because The Manhattan Project was that book for me and I think it will be for you.

I did not know what to expect from this book but the plot turned out to be a lot darker and twisted than I had originally imagined having read the first few pages. It was somewhat terrifying to think that the events that took place in the book could one day happen in real life. I felt that the author was conveying the message that we need to take this threat seriously and consider the food and pharmaceuticals that we mindlessly consume.

I liked Paul McNeive’s writing style as it was straight to the point and drove head first into the action which made the story easy to read and added to the intensity of the plot. The pace flowed brilliantly so I never felt bored. Did I mention that I couldn’t put this book down?

There are a range of characters that we meet on this journey, all of which have an influence upon the impending doom that will befall Manhattan. To have such a vast amount of influential characters created a sense of realism within the book.

Tsan Yohoto, our antagonist, survived the Hiroshima bombings during the Second World War alongside his mother but his siblings and father did not. He has never fully recovered from the terrible event leaving him with both visible and non-visible scars. Tsan seeks to initiate his revenge against the United States, specifically Manhattan by poisoning millions of people by the pharmaceuticals and fast food that millions of its citizens consume.

Everything seems to go to plan except for one small problem… John Wyse, our protagonist, works for the NYPD and meets Tsan at a dinner party. From their first encounter, John does not trust our Pharmaceutical King-Pin and begins to keep a close watch on him.

We meet many other characters throughout the story and how their lives shape this act of terrorism, whether involved directly and indirectly. It was insightful to learn about the actions of individuals that contributed to the wider societal collapse and those whose lives were broken by it.

The Manhattan Project is an exceptional thriller that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this impressive debut novel.


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(Disclaimer: I would like to thank Black & White Publishing for providing me with this ARC.)



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