My Best Friend & Kaleidoscope by Martin Gerald Barnes

Hello, my lovelies! As you know I am a massive bookworm and it is my dream to one day write my own YA Fantasy/Dysoptian book…I basically need a kick up the backside to get started!

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new tab called ‘Creative Writing’ to showcase other people’s work that they would like to be posted on my blog. If you would like to submit something please contact me through my blog! I will also try to post my own short stories – hopefully, that’s the kick I need!

In the meantime, I have some beautiful and thoughtful poems written by Martin Barnes. Please have a gander and share your thoughts!

My Best Friend


My best friend has long gone

And now I have no one

Still, you belong deep in my heart

Now, I have curious dreams that fades

Into a mountain bliss of sorrow

The one true person that I loved

Once walked tall among the spring wildflowers

Her magnetic smile shone like a morning Sun

The respect that we shared is a bond of close warmth and love

Right this minute the darkness speaks its mind

A homecoming friendship with a special meaning

We looked for glory and shared a life story

In a single word she was amazing

I don’t have to explain the pretty woman

That once shared my life   

The hardship and pain that now I grieve

Yet, I will worship the caring thoughts

That I still hold deep in my mind and heart

A love never to forget

While I weep beside her in an evening song

Of grace  





I stepped into a transparent painting

Among the madness of fleeting brush

Strokes, I felt then I had come alive

In a voice of normalisation, colourful and

Self-arrogance visualised the vivid blue

Skies and showed no remorse while

I stared into a blank landscape beyond

The naked eye.

Senses under fire with ill-fated passion

Tortures the romanticism of gold and

Lemon shadows in a setting sun

Where half-baked ideas splash

A renaissance canvas with a sprite illusion

That supposedly cradles still life with ornate

Colours where summer flowers dance

A waltz in time.

I sat and listened to the whispering breeze

And disconnected with reality under the green

Blaze as my imaginative thoughts drifted to

The next meeting place where earthcolours

Reflect the visual art that breathes a natural

Rhythm of daily life and the innocent liberation

That speaks freely within my mind and therefore

The souls of humankind.





Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and closeup
Writer and Poet – Martin Gerald Barnes


“Martin Gerald Barnes is a writer of short stories and poetry and has written some very interesting non-fiction books.

Martin Gerald was born on March 8th, 1957. His dad’s name is Gerald Douglas Dorando. His mother was named Margret Primrose Phelps. Martin Gerald went to preschool, primary school, Ryde junior school, and Roger Manwood School for boys. He attended Sydenham College and dropped out to join the Army aged 17.

After serving abroad on active service with the Army, Martin eventually decided enough is enough and wanted his freedom. On discharge and searching for his vocation in life, he ended up working with the mentally ill in acute adult care. After many years of souls searching, he started writing short stories and poetry.”

To find out more about Martin and read more of his work visit his blog here!



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