Yosemite, California

11/04/18 – 14/04/18

We had only just settled back into the city life but before we knew it we were speeding our way back to the mountains. As much as we both had liked being back in the city the outdoors was calling. Plus we had to leave because that’s how I planned it.

There is something so peaceful about being surrounded by endless amounts of trees and mountains towering over you. It’s hard to stand around and gawk at cities when there is so much going on. While you are in the National Parks you have all the time in the world. It came as no surprise that we were happy to be speeding out of Sacramento.

If you have followed my travel blogs then you will have noticed I am always talking about certain meals we’ve had. The Americans are known for liking their food so it has been interesting getting stuck into the enormous meals. Unfortunately, I experienced something my mother had warned me about. ‘Fish and Chips’.

Like Tom in Sacramento, I fancied some good old fashioned fish and chips. I wanted to see how it would differ from the typical English kind. Oh did it differ! The waitress gave me a choice of “chips” and when she describes the chips as being fried, massive and super tasty, I knew I had to have them. Who doesn’t like big, chunky chips?

Well, I’ll never know. When they came out they were crisps. I was given crisps. Who knows if they came straight out of the packet? I had fallen into the trap. I’m afraid I did not take any photos. I was raging.

During our time at Yosemite ($30 entrance fee if you are entering a vehicle) we took the time to explore the different waterfalls. Bridalveil Fall was probably my favourite and it’s not too far from Yosemite Valley if you fancy walking. I did expect a very strenuous walk but surprisingly it was easy-peasy. Perfect if you don’t fancy climbing up the side of a mountain for hours on end.

If you do visit this particular waterfall you can get really close to it. Tom and I went as far as we could and were soaked. It was so much fun.

Our next waterfall, Yosemite Falls, was a strenuous walk or should I say “climb”. We were smart this time – we bought a bottle of water between us because we honestly didn’t think we’d need it. The further we climbed up, the hotter we got and the water started to disappear.

2 hours later we were able to get close enough to the waterfall to take some decent pictures. Though I insisted we should climb all the way to the top, Tom also insisted that we didn’t. I’m glad that I eventually listened to him and the trail become nearly impossible to climb up unless you had good mountain shoes. Later on we read that the view from the top is worse than the view at the point where we stopped, as you can no longer see the waterfall.

As you can see the views were spectacular.



Where did we stay? Yosemite Riverside Inn. Despite having to pay $10 for the WiFi I actually really enjoyed my stay here. We still wonder whether the maid actually ever bothered to clean our room but as we were only there for about 3 days and barely there anyways I wasn’t too fussed. What sold me was the cat, KitKat. He was such a charmer and definitely the cat I needed for a few days. Always up for a cuddle and on our last morning, he came outside our door, meow till I came outside for our last goodbye. (NO I AM NOT CRYING, SHUT UP…)


Would we stay here again? So, I think we’d know my reasons for staying here again…


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