ARC: Bono: The Rescue Cat Who Helped Me Find My Way Home by Helen Brown – Review

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I would like to thank Citadel Press and Helen Brown for sending me this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Bono: The Amazing Story of a Rescue Cat Who Inspired a Community
Expected publication: May 29th, 2018 by Citadel Press


From New York Times bestselling author Helen Brown comes a funny and moving account of her life-changing month as a foster mother–to a homeless cat named Bono.

When Helen Brown arrived in New York for a much-anticipated visit, a fellow animal lover talked her into fostering a shelter cat. Helen visualized a sweet-natured cuddler who blinked and dozed a lot. What she got at Manhattan’s Bideawee shelter was a wide-eyed and unpredictable Persian with a punked-out haircut and a feisty attitude.

Bono had become homeless during Hurricane Sandy, had survived a serious infection, and needed daily medications. As a “special needs” cat, he was an unlikely candidate for adoption. But as affection between them grew, Helen resolved to see that Bono found his forever home. She didn’t know that he would change her life in ways she never dreamed possible and teach her lessons she would cherish ever after. Just as this sweet, beleaguered, and hopeful guy deserved a fresh start, Helen too was ready for new beginnings. And so began a heartwarming, uplifting, lasting kind of love . . .

Praise for the works of Helen Brown

“A buoyant tale, heartfelt and open.” -Booklist

“An absolute must.” –Cat World

“Brown gives inspiration with her witty, adventurous story.” —RT Book Reviews

“Brown writes eloquently about women, daughters, and felines.” —Kirkus Reviews


I have mixed thoughts on this book. I love a good story about cats, as I am madly obsessed with the furry felines, but I still want the story to hook me.Β  The content of the book and the pacing didn’t grab me as much as I thought it would.

The first half of story consists of listening to the rambles of a woman in a mid-life crisis.Β  This bored me half to death – I’m only twenty-six so I can’t relate. The pacing felt incredibly slow and I times I would myself so bored I would have to put the book down. I’m not that cold-hearted, her story of fighting breast cancer did touch me

However, once we finally arrived at the point where we met Bono my opinions began to shift slightly. I started to see how this poor little cat was helping this older woman and feel at home in New York City.

I can understand, through personal experience, that cat companionship is able to heal wounds through their presence. It was truly something special to see this with Helen and Bono.

As much as I did enjoy (eventually) the book and was happy how Bono helped the author, I just couldn’t connect to the story.



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