Shores of Death by Peter Ritchie – Blog Tour

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Thank you so much to B&W Publishing for another brilliant book!



Shores of Death (Detective Grace Macallan)
Published June 14th, 2018 by Black & White Publishing


Detective Grace Macallan is at crisis point. She’s unsure of her future, of whether she has the strength to continue with her role in serious crime. Events are threatening to run out of control, and this new investigation will test her to the limit.

An undercover officer is missing and a woman is washed up, traumatised and barely alive, on the shores of Berwickshire. She has witnessed horror on the dark waters of the North Sea, and her subsequent ordeal to survive turns her life into a nightmare.

As she untangles the woman’s story of trafficking and abuse, Grace is drawn into the world of organised crime in Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. At their head is Handyside, a brutal gangland boss who’s fought hard and dirty to control his territory. But there’s a traitor in his midst, and soon the most cold-blooded criminals in the North East of England and Central Scotland turn on one another in a desperate race to destroy the evidence that will lead Grace to them.

Grace must pit her wits against Handyside, knowing he’ll stop at nothing to protect his criminal empire. She knows, too, that one wrong move could end in tragedy.


When offered the chance to be apart of the blog tour for Shores of Death I jump at the chance. Not only did the plot come across as really exciting, it felt like it was exactly the sort of Crime Thriller I needed in my life. It did not disappoint!

If, like me, you haven’t read the Grace Macmillian series before please do not be put off reading this first! There were references made from the previous books but I did not struggle to read Shores of Death. In fact, it has made me want to read the other books!

The opening to this book is intense and dark. I would like to note now that there is a trigger warning of Human Trafficking. I was taken back slightly by how forward it. It immediately hooked me which is what I loved about the book.

The story alternates between Detective Grace Macallan and gangster Handyside, the baddie of this story. It was refreshing to move between the story different stories and read how they become entwined. It kept me on my toes, dragging me into the world. I did not want to put this book down once the action took off! Our author Peter Ritchie, an ex-detective, takes us on this amazing and well thought out journey. It felt as if I was with both Grace and Handyside the entire time I was reading.

Grace Macallan is a phenomenal character and was written to perfection so I cannot fault her. Most crime thrillers that I have read in the past are male detectives that lead the story. It was absolutely refreshing to read a female character who everyone looks up too, respects and has not been oversexualized in any way. It was amazing to see how she balances her family life and her work life, showing how hard but rewarding it can be.

Peter Ritchie has a seductive style of writing; drawing you into the narrative which takes you on a thrilling adventure into this dark, gritty world.

I recommend this book highly. Brb, off out to get the other books in the series!


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Shores of Death BLOG TOUR

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