A Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Lauren Price | Q&A Book Tour

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I would like to thank Ink Road Books and Lauren Price for sending me this ARC.


A Bad Boy Stole My Bra
Published July 12th 2018 by Ink Road


Happy Saturday bookworms! It’s my turn on the ABBSMB book tour and I am super delighted to say that I had a chance to ask the author a few questions!

I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to check out her debut book!



Congratulations on your first published book – you must be so unbelievably excited! What inspired you to write ABBSMB?

I came up with the title of ABBSMB first and planned the book from there! I wrote it mainly because I wanted to release it on Wattpad, as a couple of my friends were doing at the time. The unbelievable support I received on the site was probably the main reason I was inspired to finish it!


Which character did you enjoy writing the most?

Riley will always have a little piece of my heart- a lot of her character is written through experience and self-reflection. She matures and learns a lot through the novel, which was really fun to develop. Aside from Riley though, I’d have to say Violet! She’s so spunky and fun, her lines came so naturally to me.


Has it always been your dream to be a writer?

Yes, but it has never seemed achievable until now! I’ve written consistently for as long as I can remember, but it was always labelled a ‘hobby’ because I didn’t think there was a remote possibility of being published.


What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to write their first book?

My first piece of advice would be to persevere- which is the most difficult thing. If you don’t put the work in, you won’t finish a book and unfortunately, it’s that simple. Find things to motivate you to carry on writing. For me, this was sharing it with people online, but even one person can give you the encouragement you need to write another chapter. Baby steps.


Everyone is super excited to see what you write next! Do you have plans for another standalone book or perhaps a series?

I’d absolutely love to write a series! I don’t think Riley and Alec will have a sequel, but I’m currently working on a book for Chase’s story with a new protagonist. I’d love to write a book for each of the four boys- that’s the dream.



It was wonderful to get to chat with Lauren. I am looking forward to more books from her – in the not too distant future! Make sure you check out the other blog’s that have been on this tour.

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