Who am I?

Hey there,

I’m Rosie and welcome to my little blog.

Instead of writing a massive paragraph about who I am, enjoy 26 facts about me (my age) and every year I’ll add a new one. Enjoy!

  1. I have a chicken pox scar on the left side of my face, I think it’s super cute.
  2. My favorite T.V. show is Supernatural and I think it’s quite problematic.
  3. Red wine solves all problems.
  4. I have terrible anxiety and spend most of my worrying over things that may or may not ever happen.
  5. I love cats so much that I got a cat tattoo on my left shoulder.
  6. I saw a speech therapist as a child and while at college.
  7. Tattooed underneath right shoulder blade are the lyrics “I’m not afraid to keep on living, I’m not afraid to walk this world alone.” from My Chemical Romance’s Famous Last Words.
  8. I love reading; I own too many books.
  9. I can be fairly awkward around people I don’t know too well and become massively weird when I do get to know them.
  10. I believe in the Black Lives Matter movement and want to end white privilege.
  11. I am an intersectional feminist.
  12. I use to have 14 piercings.
  13. Dogs terrify me.
  14. Lana Del Rey is my queen, I worship her.
  15. My favorite genre of books is YA/NA Dystopian/Science Fiction/Fantasy.
  16. Last year I read 76 books.
  17. I have a degree in Film Studies and Media Production. I wish I had done creative writing instead.
  18. Making coffee is my thing.
  19. I gave up smoking on 1st October 2017
  20. I have 3 half sisters from my dad’s side.
  21. My 21st birthday was spent with my mum in New York City.
  22. My best friends are my family.
  23. Phone calls are my worst nightmare.
  24. I enjoy being alone (most of the time).
  25. The Dark Knight is my all time favorite film.
  26. Supporting LGBT+ rights to the very end.

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